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Day 1:

Plan your flight to arrive at Skopje Airport ideally in the morning, but no later than 15:00, this leaves time for the transfer to your accomodation and being able to visit the city of Tetovo. The journey to Tetovo from the airport will take 1 hour. You can take a walk around the center before dinner. We can also visit the Balltepe church, the Larme mosque and the Arabati Baba which represent an ideal example of traditional life and coexistence in the city.

Later in the evening you will climb to the tourist center Kodra e Diellit at an altitude of 1780m to be accommodated in your hotel.
Dinner will be served in a traditional restaurant on Kodra e Diellit. After dinner, your guides will be available for you to talk about the trail: potential requirements or needs, tips, and things that are good to know. We recommend that you purchase a map of the area before dinner in order to get a good understanding of the itinerary.

Day 2

After consuming a delicious breakfast with taste from the Sharr mountains, you will get acquainted with the horses of the local breed of Biofarma 1Maj farm and start riding to climb the planned path in the direction of Tito Peak (Turçin Peak) 2748m above sea level.
You will be amazed at how suddenly this mountain ecosystem changes. You will travel through hilly terrain, small rivers, glacial lakes, pine forests, steep and high hills, with alpine pastures. Lunch will be a home-made picnic by the chefs of the stalls.

After lunch, we descend towards the gorge of Upper Leshnica to Leshnica Waterfall. There are some really interesting things to see in this area such as the Plati rocks and other natural monuments which have specific shapes. Today's trip ends after about 5-6 hours riding, at the cottage of Biofarm 1MAY (where we keep our sheep), one of the most attractive of Sharr mountain. You will get acquainted with the pastoral life of the locals, the way of milking the sheep, process of making the cheese, the origin from the ancient times of the local livestock, as well as the possibility to taste the organic products from Biofarma 1Maj.

You will spend the evening and night at the farm hostel in the company of the chirping of mountain birds and the barking of Sharr indigenous dogs, enjoying traditional homemade food and drinks.

Day 3

After a traditional breakfast from the family farm we will get ready for a very long day trip up to 8 hours, combined of riding and walking.

The trail combines beautiful forests, mountain climbing, rocky landscapes and flowing waters. The Middle Cape, Sinanica Cave, Leshnica Waterfall and Dhespina Plateau Peak, are some of the local views we will follow today. Our lunch break will be in one of the stands of the Krivashaja valley the mountain valley surrounded by massive rocks and identical high peaks on both sides of it located below the Krivashaja Waterfall.

After lunch break we continue climbing to the heights of the mountains of Xinibeg through the neck of the mountains to take the direction from the border line with the Republic of Kosovo to the village of Brod. The all-day landscape offers images of unspoiled wildlife. Flowers, blueberries, junipers, mountain pastures, mountain streams and lakes, hundreds of sheep, wild goats and Sharr mountain breed dogs will be part of this riding experience. Be prepared to walk for about 1 hour and 30 minutes during the day on difficult and downhill trails. Good hiking boots are recommended for today. We will arrive late in the afternoon at cottage in Ginibeg, built from local materials and enjoy traditional food, rich in sheep rye and Shipkovice groshe. Wine, brandy and mountain tea will soothe you to sleep after a long day. Riding hours 8-9 (including leading horses)

Driving hours: 8


Day 4

After a traditional breakfast with the shepherds, we will start a shorter but very enjoyable climbing day, following the border line overlooking both sides of Sharr Mountain.

We will follow the old horse trail routes, routes used by area traders.

The magnificent views of the mountain peaks, many of them over 2000m high, with massive rocks, villages of the area on both sides of the border that look deep into the valley make this day very attractive.

We will stop the trip on a hill overlooking the villages of Opoja, an area inhabited in 18 mountain villages and with a view of Prizren and Gjakova ( Kosovo). After lunch we will descend from Gjoli i Vogël, one of the 29 lakes of Sharr Mountain to descend to the Great Gjoli which both together are called Sharr Eyes to enjoy a longer break to enjoy the lakes and relax. You will spend the night in tents set up around the lake tasting grilled lamb, special Sharri cheese and local salad. Brandy and home-made wine will be offered along with the roasted meat.

Driving hours: 4-5 hours

Day 5

This morning we will enjoy it on the hill around the lake with the beautiful view of the surrounding hills. You can taste a ,,pite’’ with cottage cheese or leeks peeled especially for you by residents of the village Bozofcë accompanied by buttermilk or fresh milk.

Today we head towards the top of Vërtop to descend to the Shelixhe valley overlooking the gorge of the Bistrica River where the villages of Prizren can be seen. With experienced horses coming down and holding hands we will enter a slightly difficult terrain behind the top of Kubilica in the attractive place called Kazanet, here we can see in many cases even herds of wild goats.

In the difficult terrain in narrow alleys we will climb again to the neck of Laki i Lubija and again we will see villages at the mouth of the river Shkumbin flowing in the direction of the city of Tetovo. The lunch stop includes the opportunity to relax for a few hours with views on both sides of the border. Later we continue going out on a flat space with an opportunity to do some more jogging with our horses. Then we descend to an altitude of 1650m at the camp of Kubilica to be placed to spend the night.


Day 6

After breakfast we will take the road to the Black Peak, at an altitude of 2585m to continue walking along the ridge of the mountain peaks towards the cape of Xherma, on a mountain ridge with magnificent views on both sides of the mountains. Our stop for lunch will be at Cape Xherma, a geographical position overlooking the Polog plain.

You can see the newest war bunkers in these lands along the downhill journey from Livadhi i Beut towards the village of Vicë. You will arrive in the village of Vica to spend the night, inside the village, there are also old houses built 50-60 years ago. Dinner served in the home garden will allow you to enjoy home-made food, fresh mountain air and local family hospitality. The family can share with you memories of a very difficult period of the communist period of the former Yugoslavia. Traces of the past are visible everywhere. Your place of accommodation will be the village houses.

Driving hours: 7 hours

Day 7

After a traditional breakfast, you will start the journey back to our starting point, the city of Skopje. Today will be a varied journey with natural and historical landscapes. We will first visit Kalaba in Tetovo, then Matka Gorge to take a boat tour of the Matka watershed. The trip will end at the Skopje Bazaar. The Old Bazaar of Skopje is a historical monument of the Ottoman period.

A late afternoon farewell dinner will be enjoyed by all at one of the Old Bazaar restaurants, with traditional local food. After dinner you will be transferred to Skopje Airport



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